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Becky Van Pelt

welcomes you to her web site

The purpose of this site is to share with you my art. I once wrote, "When I paint I'm in love, love for the zest of life. I feel good, I enjoy painting, I enjoy life, I enjoy living." Having traveled extensively is the contributing factor to the diversity of my art. Having traveled to Key West, Alaska and most states in between. Traveled to France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, Monaco, Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands. Have all so traveled to Norway, Denmark, Northern Germany, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

I enjoy painting in plein air, using oils, acrylics or water colors. I paint still life, landscape or seascapes. I consider myself to be a self taught artist. My Abstractism is a vivid of hues fluidly applied over what most would consider a finished painting. The outcome is a burst of vibrant colors juxtaposed, rendering a magnificent composition of tranquility. I suggest that you not look at the painting, but rather through it. One becomes mesmerized as you journey in the canvas. Please feel free to visit my forum, share your comments, ideas, thoughts. If you would like for me to paint a painting for you, send me an email, I enjoy commission work. Sorry I do not do portraits, however I would be willing to paint ones energy. Click photos in the upper bar to enjoy examples of my art.

Thank you for visiting my web page! becky

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