personal art personal art Self image This painting is from a photo taken of me while visiting friends in New York, we stopped along a highway to enjoy the flowers. 2004 165011124 self image Enjoying myself while on a business trip to Key West around 1997. 165011125 self image My daughter took a picture of my while I was on the phone at our home in Punta Gorda Fl, around 1998. 165011126 Husband Norm Norm enjoying fishing in Blueridge Ga. 2010. 165011127 Ex Husband Jim Jim relaxing around our home in Tallahassee Fl 1991. 165011128 Ex Husband Dave This painting is from a photo I took of David at our home in Gainesville Fl in 1976. 165011129 Son David This is a painting of my son David, feeding ducks at a park near our home in Gainsville Fl. 1977 165011130 Daughter Christina This is a painting of my daughter Christy and our beloved dog Zigy at our home in Palatka, Fl. 1982 165061869 Daughter Dana This painting is of my daughter Dana, she's playing peek a boo at our home in Ocala Fl. 1985 165061870